J. Lilly’s

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Project Specifications:
Graded the direct, leveled, and added concrete approaches, curbs and islands. Complete concrete paving for the parking lot, and added light poles, including bases.

Design and Build parking Lot West of J. Lilly’s

  • Optional (Dirt Work bring proposed area to proper grade) to make ready not needed if to 1/10th inch
  • 40562 sq. ft. of proposed area Drive and parking proposed parking area
  • 6′ base Stabilization with Fly Ash dust mix // Water // compact and to grade
  • 40562 sq. ft. of proposed area designated for 6″ Base Stabilization
  • Mix — Compact — and Grade Compact
  • Form and Pour 5″ Thick Concrete Sidewalk to Proper Grade with 2 Ramp areas
  • Make Ready sidewalk with Thicken Edge Front sidewalk
  • 889 sq. ft. front sidewalk area with 2 handicap ramp areas 127′ x 7′
  • 625 sq. ft. back sidewalk North side of building 5′ x 125′ w/5″ concrete
  • 270 sq. ft. of proposed patio area (5″) Concrete
  • 1128 sq. ft. of Drive Thru lane West end of building 12′ x 94′
  • 6″ Concrete in Drive with #4 Re-Bar on 18″ Centers
  • Form and Pour 6″ Curb with 18″ gutter as designated for islands etc.
  • 918 Lf. of Curb and gutter to form and pour and finish
  • Build Storm Drain Box with Grate tie into existing Storm drain along south curb
  • Light Pole Pie Holes 24″ Diameter 6′ in ground and 2′ up with J bolts
  • 4 Light pole bases to pour and finish
  • Pave 3″ of Asphalt and Roll Smooth
  • 34197sq. ft. of proposed area to pave with 3″ Asphalt and roll smooht
  • Lay out and paint 4″ White parking lies & hash marks for new area
  • lf. of 4″ White parking lines and hash marks to lay out and paint
  • 4 handicap signs to install on post