ADA Handicap Striping & Stenciling

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Handicap Striping and Stenciling

ADA handicap parking lot painting

We meet guidelines as approved by the American Disabilities Act.

As a business owner, it is the responsibility of the business to meet or exceed guidelines as set forth by the ADA, removing barriers to access in parking lots when it is readily achievable to do so. Handicap striping makes it easy for people with disabilities, including elderly people, to visually see where the handicap locations exist.

Freshly painted, and new handicap striping makes it easy for those with disabilities to find close places to park, as well as easily identify and see what locations are available.

Guidelines for Handicap Parking Spaces

Handicap Parking for Cars

Handicap parking spaces for cars must have at least a 60-inch wide access aisle located adjacent to the parking space that is designated as handicap parking. The access aisle makes it easier for a person in a wheelchair to enter or exit their vehicle..

Handicap Parking for Vans

Parking spaces that are van accessible have several features that make them clearly marked for van accessibility.

  • A wide aisle that can accommodate a wheelchair lift – wider than 96″
  • Vertical clearance that will accommodate the height of a van in a van parking space, including the adjacent aisle, so it is easily accessible for those needing handicap access.
  • An additional sign or handicap painting indicator that identifies the parking space as ‘van accessible.

Restriping Parking Lots

Whether you have a new project, or if you need parking lot restriping services to freshen up the paint on existing surfaces, Bill’s Pavement can assist you with your parking lot restriping services.

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