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In any paving plan, sealcoating is perhaps the most important element involved in ensuring that surfaces and structures are protected properly from the elements. Because the Oklahoma weather is so unpredictable, it’s important to seal and stripe surfaces to compensate for the weather patterns. Seal coating and striping not only improves the cosmetics of your building, it protects the vehicles and pedestrians of your business. There are several other sealcoating benefits:

Seal Coating and Striping Benefits

Looks great – After the pavement is seal coated, it looks like new and in the process it lends a positive image of the company or the home. Never underestimate the aesthetic value of your business.

Slows the oxidation process – When the oxidation process is slowed down, it extends the life of the pavement and surface. This will help you save money over time.

Waterproofing – Sealcoating minimizes the rate water enters into the pavement. The less water leaks into the pavement; it reduces the amount of water that expands due to freezing, preventing cracks and potholes. Waterproofing extends the life of the pavement and prevents cracks from forming quickly.

Easy to maintain and clean – Sealcoating helps smooth over the surfaces, which in turn makes the surfaces easier to maintain all year around. Cleaning pavement and asphalt can be a frustrating task, but when the surfaces are smooth and maintained, the surface lends to convenient and fast cleaning.

Cost Effective – Most importantly, it is cost effective. Sealcoating surfaces extend the life of the surface, helping you save money and time. It has been tested over time that surfaces last longer than those without a seal coating surface on them.

Seal Coating and Striping in Oklahoma is a service we have provided to our customers since 1965. With over 50 years of experience, you just can’t go wrong. We are the best in the business for a reason.

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